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P-Seminar 15

General Information about P-Seminar English 2015/16

We would like to explain our project and introduce ourselves. For our P-Seminar, a project-based-seminar taken by every pupil of the 11th and 12th grade, the pupils work on a project with a very specific task and do the first steps into the world beyond the school walls.
Our specific topic originally was to design a hiking guide for the surrounding mountains around Rosenheim. During the process of developing the idea, it evolved to a slightly different task. We created a guide through the city of Rosenheim. Therefore we took photos of all the different sights and important places all around the city. We also researched important facts about each location. Finally, we elaborated a quiz for which the missing information can be found out by visiting all the sights. Solutions can be found on the school website, too.

A guided tour through Rosenheim for Chinese exchange students

During their 10-day stay in Germany the exchange students from our partner school, the Tian Shan Middle School in Shanghai, are usually taken on a guided tour through Rosenheim to get a first impression of this beautiful town. Our P-Seminar took over this part in 2015 and tried to show Rosenheim in a vivid and interesting way by providing a quiz of the town.
On Monday April 27 2015, the tour began at our school, the Ignaz-Günther-Gymnasium, where we had split the Chinese students into four groups, each accompanied by three German students of our seminar. Our guided walk through Rosenheim, which took about two hours, included Riedergarten, Nikolauskirche, Max-Josephs-Platz, Lokschuppen, Mangfallpark and the town hall.
Bearing their mostly positive feedback in mind, we tried to improve and extend our guide. The final result of our own work can be found in the following link.
So if you want to explore Rosenheim in a slightly different way in English, don’t hesitate and try our guide.

Franziska Aicher, Justine Birgel, Florentine Brückner, Ines Budimlic, Lara Hartmann, Lorenz Huber, Annika Krebs, Stefan Krebs, Sophie Mummert, Lisa Tremmel and Katharina Zabelt assisted by Christian Immenkötter

Führung der "Chinesen" durch Rosenheim

International lanterns

Searching Beijing's lantern in Germany after a long walk through the city


Not only the smile but also the sun is shiny

Exploring other religions

On their tour our Chinese guests also got to know the Genesis

Yummy ice-cream

To relax a bit we had a break with ice cream
To relax a bit we had a break with ice cream

The guides on the tour through Rosenheim

With funny leaders the trip can only be funny
With funny leaders the trip can only be funny

Keen thinkers at work

Being busy at the Lokschuppen working on the quiz

On the way

Chinese and Germans enjoying each others' company

Boys' picture

Chatting in front of the townhall in search of the postbox